Ketanje Brown Jackson Has No Position on Americans Having Natural Rights


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) began the hearing today by explaining why he won’t vote for Biden’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice. Apparently, Ketanje Brown Jackson won’t take a position on Americans having natural rights.

That is the basis of our Constitution. It’s fundamental. People like Jackson are an existential threat to our Constitution and she will not uphold it.

In answer to written questions, she wouldn’t take a stand on something as basic as our individual natural rights. It was similar to her mealy-mouthed response to defining a woman.

People don’t have to believe our natural rights come from God. But, they do have to believe in our natural rights to represent the United States. Chuck Grassley didn’t like her non-answer. She made it clear she doesn’t believe in natural inherent rights.

“Now, at one point in written questions to her, Sen. Cruz posed this question: “Please explain in your own words the theory prevalent among members of the Founding Fathers’ generation that humans possess natural rights that are inherent or unalienable,” CNS News reports.

“She seemed to have an understanding of this when she answered by saying the theory that humans possess inherent or inalienable rights is reflected in the Declaration of Independence, which states, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.’

“Then in the next question: ‘Do you hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights, yes or no?’

“It seemed to me what — to her understanding that she should easily have said – said, yes to that, but she took a position she didn’t have a position. So, part of having judicial philosophy is having an understanding of the fundamental principles in our Constitution. Natural rights are part of that system.

“But as Judge Jackson said in a written response, she does not, quote, “hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights.”

“I take issue with this, as natural rights are basic to our constitutional system and principles of limited government. Under our Constitution, we are endowed by our Creator — well, I don’t have to repeat that.

“All other rights are reserved to the people under the Tenth Amendment, recognizing the principle of limited government is what makes America the exceptional government compared to all others, and obviously sets our Constitution apart from all others.”


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1 year ago

Does this person (I say person because I’m not a biologist) have any opinion on anything?

Joseph Edelen
Joseph Edelen
1 year ago

Treat like any other cancer, cut it out and kill it.

1 year ago

People knw me and you’d better adhere. I mean it can her or there will be retribution beyond your wildest dreams. CAN HER NOW!. She is an anti American POS get her out of the running. The WEF will be the least of your worries and no one else will stop at destroying you through any legal means necessary. you love mammon and care less about our great country, we will ruin you. stop her now.

1 year ago

Can the btch now rep party or forget any support.

Helen Reddy Is Not A Biologist
Helen Reddy Is Not A Biologist
1 year ago

She’s no constitutionalist but isn’t that just a GD piece of paper in an archive as Shrub Bush said?