DEADLOCKED on Judge Jackson Who Won’t Commit to Inherent Rights


Associated Press reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked, 11-11, Monday on sending Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination to the Senate floor. The vote broke on party lines.

Republicans are opposing Jackson’s nomination to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer. But it was still a blow to Democrats who had hoped for robust bipartisan support. And it was the first time the committee has deadlocked on a Supreme Court nomination in three decades.

The Democrats can break the deadlock with procedural steps. She will then be confirmed by the 50-50 Senate. A tiebreaker will either be one Republican vote or Kamala.

Every Republican senator on the Judiciary voted against Judge Jackson. The revolutionary Jackson is going to be a vote for the hard Left on open borders, gender, and worse yet, she has no commitment to our core belief – individuals have natural born inherent rights.

Every Democrat on the Judiciary supports a Justice who doesn’t believe in inherent rights. She also doesn’t believe in the absolute protection of children from perverted pedophiles.

The vote:

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