Kevin McCarthy Wanted to Save the GOP by Ditching Whites


When you hear all of Kevin McCarthy’s deceptions and anti-white idiocy, you realize what a service Matt Gaetz and the few Republicans who supported him did for America. This Mark Dice clip has a good overview of his deceptions. Kevin McCarthy is a congenital liar.

McCarthy was at The New York Times DealBook Summit and Oxford saying the same thing – there are too many white people in the Republican Party. He said that as Speaker, he used his power to favor non-white candidates during primaries.

Ilhan Omar, she looks like America.

“Democrats stand up, and they look like America,” he said, “we stand up, and we look like the most restrictive Country Club in America, and I decide then, either I’m going to be the leader of a declining end of a party or I have to change the opportunity in this party.”

Pandering politician frauds

McCarthy decided to save the party by reducing the number of white people.

He likes to impress Democrats.

The former Speaker said he’d never quit, and he just quit. He claims he’s going to support Donald Trump and hopes for a position in his Cabinet.

Dice went through a series of lies and cowardice on January 6. Watch the clip. It’s a wonder he was tolerated as long as he was, but then again, is he different from most of Congress?



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2 months ago

Let’s not forget, McCarthy was in the running before Ryan was selected. A number of members were an emphatic No.

He should go to Chicago. One black woman in front of a crowd said, “Republicans, this is your chance”. If he truly wants to be a inclusive party then do as Trump was doing, reach out to the working class. Most of those make up the working class. But the only thing his ilk always revert to is, Tax Cuts, as if that satisfies everyone. Many workers pay little to no tax, therefore there is little benefit. What they can benefit from is good paying jobs in manufacturing etc., but politicians from both parties have out-sourced those to Mexico and China and seem to have little desire to get those back. I heard Christie complain about Tariffs stating it shits the cost to consumers. Well, lard-ass, if the country works to bring back those good paying jobs it would be a greater benefit to the consumer. That’s the point of tariffs. So, the reason democrats look like America is they have convinced minorities only they support workers. It’s time the Republican Party take that away from them. But will they change.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Too many years in California?