King Cuomo bans walking up to bars to order & you’d better eat


Does this next mandate sound constitutional to you? And on what science is this based? You can only get alcohol if you order food and you can’t walk up to a bar to order. He also has a three-strike rule to punish business owners.

Bars and restaurants throughout New York state will no longer be allowed to serve alcohol to customers unless they also order food, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

In addition, patrons will no longer be allowed to order alcohol by walking up to bars, Cuomo said. Customers will only be allowed to order and consume their drinks while seated at least 6 feet apart.

Cuomo announced the two new policies during a conference call with reporters this morning.

He likes this control a little too much.

The governor of New York said he’s getting thousands of complaints of violations of his rules. These two new rules will address that, he thinks.

There is a third rule starting today in NYC. Any New York City establishment that violates reopening rules three times will be immediately closed, Cuomo said. Major violations of reopening rules can still result in the immediate loss of a liquor license.

The state has reviewed records of over 5,000 businesses in Downstate New York and found “significant” evidence of compliance problems, Cuomo said. It’s wrong and dangerous, he added.

In addition to the new “three strikes” rule, the state will begin publicizing the names of all establishments facing disciplinary action for violating reopening rules.

So, he’s going to penalize the working man at the same time he lets criminals out of prison immediately, without bail.

Cuomo has also railed about the President not providing leadership. What he means by that is he wants President Trump to issue nationwide orders about masks and shutdowns. The unconstitutionality of that evades him.

It’s like Nazi Germany. And they call Trump a Nazi.

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