Kyle Becker responds to Barr’s declaration of no massive voter fraud – update


Update: It turns out Bill Barr did NOT say there was no fraud. He said it has to go through the civil courts and explained why. We will put up an article about that soon.

Reporter Kyle Becker has closely followed the seemingly-corrupt voting in the 2020 presidential election. He has been keeping tabs on the accounts by eyewitnesses and experts. To say he was surprised by Bill Barr’s announcement that they found no evidence of massive voter fraud would be an understatement.

It seems that the FBI did NOT interview any of the Trump team witnesses or experts – yet.

Mr. Becker responded to Barr’s assertion by posting a substack of some of his reports previously laid out on Twitter.

The oddsmakers are taking bets on how long it will take for Donald Trump to fire Attorney General Bill Barr. He should probably first fire Christopher Wray on whom Barr relied.

Forget any ill will you might feel for Donald Trump, and think about this. There is evidence of massive fraud and none of those witnesses were interviewed. Yet, the FBI concluded there was no evidence of massive voter fraud. We need a report detailing how they came to that conclusion.





We talked yesterday about the Arizona hearings, and the unseemly manner the votes were certified, despite the public hearings of election malfeasance, and reportedly even a phone call by President Trump to Arizona’s lackluster governor Doug Ducey.

The Arizona legislature is nonetheless seeking to take action on the Maricopa County voting irregularities and has threatened to withhold the state’s 11 electoral college votes if the state legislature deems that they would be certifying demonstrable fraud.


Now that state certifications have begun in other states, will we see similar bold action from GOP-controlled state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin to protect American voters?

The testimonies from the Michigan Hearings alone today are enough to make the hairs stand up on the back of one’s neck. Let us do a quick rundown.


One of the most damning accounts came from Dominion contractor Melissa Carone.


There were several other alarming accounts, which were shared on the #MichiganHearings hashtag and shared by the president himself.

On Thursday, similar state Senate hearings are set to commence in Georgia.


One of the most compelling pieces of evidence that has arisen is a bit of corroborating video unearthed by CodeMonkey.

There is compelling evidence about this person of interest’s identity. AP photos also place this poll workers at the Gwinnett County election center.


The media’s hubris to declare that there is “no evidence” of fraud while ignoring these public hearings is more brazen hypocrisy.

The media is asking us to ignore all these damning eyewitness accounts, as well as the election data irregularities that are historically unprecedented. These irregularities demand that voters pay extremely close attention to make sure that we are not experiencing a “revolution from above” that is being carried out by corrupt Democrats in key swing state cities.

Americans don’t need to personally care about the political fortunes of Donald Trump in order to be highly disturbed by this avalanche of persuasive fraud allegations that are streaming in from these public hearings. All they have to do is care about the fate of our constitutional republic and the kind of country we will leave our children.

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