LA study: very few infected kids & staff despite unvaccinated kids under 12


Children under 12 are not vaccinated and it doesn’t seem like they need to be based on a new study. However, there is a big push to vaccinate all children. Just ask Dr. Fauci.

New data published by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) last week looked at cases of COVID-19 since classrooms reopened in mid-August.

The LA County study finds that just 0.5% of students and 0.7% of staff have tested positive since classrooms opened.

Those numbers are negligible.


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health published data on COVID-19 cases between August 15 and September 13.

A total of 7,995 students out of 1.5 million, or 0.5%, and 1,193 staff out of 157,000, or 0.7%, have tested positive for COVID-19.

Out of more than 30,000 close contacts of COVID-19 patients, just 63 went on to contact the virus, equivalent to 0.2%.

LADPH Director Barbara Ferrer said at a press conference that the data are evidence that there is low Covid transmission at schools and few outbreaks.

Why push a vaccine for children who are not affected by the virus and aren’t giving it to their teachers?

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