LA study: very few infected kids & staff despite unvaccinated kids under 12


Children under 12 are not vaccinated and it doesn’t seem like they need to be based on a new study. However, there is a big push to vaccinate all children. Just ask Dr. Fauci.

New data published by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) last week looked at cases of COVID-19 since classrooms reopened in mid-August.

The LA County study finds that just 0.5% of students and 0.7% of staff have tested positive since classrooms opened.

Those numbers are negligible.


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health published data on COVID-19 cases between August 15 and September 13.

A total of 7,995 students out of 1.5 million, or 0.5%, and 1,193 staff out of 157,000, or 0.7%, have tested positive for COVID-19.

Out of more than 30,000 close contacts of COVID-19 patients, just 63 went on to contact the virus, equivalent to 0.2%.

LADPH Director Barbara Ferrer said at a press conference that the data are evidence that there is low Covid transmission at schools and few outbreaks.

Why push a vaccine for children who are not affected by the virus and aren’t giving it to their teachers?

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7 months ago

The Mental Health Damage that Fauci and the CDC have already done to Children is incalculable.

The Federal Government and it’s Bureaucrats are guilty of child abuse. When this Generation wises up the Federal Government will be in big trouble.

7 months ago

If I’m not mistaken the “vaccine” isn’t by itself a preventative mechanism at all, but rather spurs the body to create replicas, which the body then creates antibodies against the virus. So, therefore, the vaccine is “suppose” to create a version of “natural immunity”. Then, What if the body isn’t capable of creating the “proper” immunity against the Whole virus but only against a spike protein. Because it replicates the protein it would follow that the person is generating a viral load that wasn’t prevalent before, and also enhancing the mutations. Using the method of “treatments” would have the body enhance it immune system for the specific virus it has contracted. A mutation may still have parts of the original virus, therefore the immune response would cover the variety of mutations that arise. It can be concluded then, the vaccine is “sub-optimal”, as Fauci would say, in enabling the immune system to give an effective response. The danger of vaccine replication is what stops the replication. If there isn’t any method to halt such replication the end result is a continuing and ongoing replication, Ad Infinitum, which as the Doctor Cole points out, the Trojan virus entering all parts of the body. Another consideration is, are we going down the path of antibiotic resistant medicines whereas the overuse resulted in unintended consequences

Even Meaner Is the Way
Even Meaner Is the Way
7 months ago

Communism/Globalism is the real plague and the malignant turd Fauci is the carrier.

7 months ago

This country needs a similar investigation of all the adverse affects. From these testimonies it seems all those adverse affects that are called “mild” may, in fact, be much more devastating than we are led to believe.