‘Ladies’ of The View fight over Matt Gaetz


The ‘ladies’ of the View malign Republicans day in and day out. They are extremists and they’re shrews. The show is embarrassing.

The network must pay Meghan McCain a lot of money to take all that abuse.

McCain’s defense of Rep. Gaetz was to say Republicans are embarrassed by Gaetz. Then they started fighting over how much she could possibly know.

No matter what you think of Gaetz, at least he’s fighting. That is more than McCain’s RINO friends are doing.

The kerfuffle today was between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain. McCain likes to give fodder to the left-wing ladies against non-RINO Republicans. Today it was to indict Matt Gaetz based on, so far, gossip.

The media has given people the impression his friend, who was just indicted, will turn state’s evidence on Gaetz. The only problem is the indictment says nothing about Matt Gaetz.

Until there is evidence, these ‘ladies’ should find something else to talk about.

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