Liz Cheney is out to get another Republican


Liz Cheney is on a mission to bring the Republican Party back to its glory days as the party of relentless wars and corporate favoritism. Kevin McCarthy wants it to be the party of the worker, the common man and woman.

In addition to destroying Donald Trump to make it happen, she plans to depose House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who deposed her.

The Washington Examiner reports that  Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney vowed not to vote for California Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House speaker if the GOP were to win the majority in 2022.

He helped oust her as conference chairwoman because her only mission is to trash Trump.

Cheney pretends she’s taking the high road.

“I think that we’ve got to have leaders who lead based on principle, and that’s not what we’ve seen from [McCarthy],” Cheney told Politico.

Cheney, who belongs to a tiny group of House Republicans who voted to impeach the former president, remained in Congress despite backlash from Trump loyalists.

“I’m really glad that I decided to stay in the House,” Cheney said. “As we’re engaging in these battles about principles and the future and standing up for truth, I think that these battles really are being fought out in the House.”

“When you look at history, it’s individuals who make a difference,” she continued. “And I feel really honored to be able to stand up and speak on these issues that I think are going to determine the future of the country and the future of our democracy.”

She voted to impeach under unconstitutional conditions so her claim that she is moral and fighting for democracy (we’re actually a constitutional Republic) falls flat.

Cheney is hateful and wants revenge. Her obsession with Donald Trump is more about the agenda. She is doing nothing but hurting Republicans, but she doesn’t care.

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