‘Ladies’ of The View trash Rush the day after he dies


The ladies of The View are hate mongers. They did not disappoint one day after the death of Rush Limbaugh. There is something very wrong with people who trash people who can’t defend themselves as these ‘ladies’ did. These so-called ladies just disservice themselves with their acrimonious invective.

They falsely claimed he “normalized hatred” for “people sitting in their trucks in the middle of America.” These TV witches hinted that he was in Hell, and revealed their bigotry against middle America, stereotyping them.

In reality, there might be a place in Hell for irresponsible hosts who say things like this.

“I remember listening to him as a kid growing up, and for me, he just normalized hatred,” said co-host Sunny Hostin. “He normalized racism, and I think he really weaponized White male grievance, and he hardened these rural White listeners, people sitting in their trucks in the middle of America, and in the south, listening to Rush Limbaugh.”

Who believes she ever listened to him?

Hostin prattled about comments he made — out of context — and said that he paved the way for “Trumpism.”

“This is someone who spewed racism and hatred, yet he is now considered I guess an influential person in building the modern Republican Party and conservatism … I don’t know that that’s something to be proud of,” she said.

Meghan McCain, the only conservative on the panel, said that while some of the comments that Limbaugh made about her family were “incendiary,” she had to give him credit for bringing about the rise of “infotainment.”

Actually, Rush was brilliant and revitalized radio which was on its way out. These people are actually trashing all of his listeners and people who have similar beliefs. Maybe they’re too stupid to realize it.

He was more than that, of course. Rush explained conservatism in a way no one had since Reagan and he did it better.


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