Las Vegas Shooter’s Felon Father Was a Diagnosed “Psychopath”


In the 18th hour following the mass shooting into a crowd of concert-goers, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is working to process the crime scene across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and also investigate the motives of the shooter, said Sheriff Joe Lombardo at an 3 p.m. briefing on Monday.

Police found the Vegas shooter’s stockpile to include: 17 weapons in his hotel room; explosives, 18 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammo at his home.

Notice he had explosives and 17 weapons. It wasn’t only guns involved.

The shooter was evil but there is reason to believe he was genetically predisposed but this is only speculation.

His father was a bank robber diagnosed as a “psychopath”. His Dad, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was a felon with a long rap sheet who escaped federal prison in the late 1960s and landed on the FBI’s most-wanted list, according to the Daily Mail and NBC.

Benjamin Paddock had been locked up in 1960 for robbing an Arizona bank, escaped in 1968 and spent nearly three years on the run before the FBI caught up to him in Las Vegas in 1971, at which point he tried to run down an agent with his car, according to archival editions of the Tuscon Daily Citizen.

“Since he has utilized firearms in previous crimes, has employed violence in attempting to evade arrest and has been diagnosed as being psychopathic, [Benjamin] Paddock should be considered extremely dangerous,” Palmer M. Baken Jr., agent in charge of the Phoenix FBI office, said at the time, according to the Citizen.

The shooter’s brother said they didn’t know their father and never lived with him.

Psychopathy usually refers to a genetically-tied moral disorder. That doesn’t meant they don’t have a choice. Psychology Today defines it but it is speculation for now.

The Arizona shooter was able to make it to age 64 without committing a crime or raising suspicions. His family claims there were no indications and they are “dumbfounded”.

Paddock and Danley, who was his girlfriend, reportedly lived for several years in a retirement community in Reno, Nev., The Washington Post reported, before moving to another home in Mesquite, Nev. He was a self-indulgent gambler and a millionaire by some accounts who had been gambling extensively shortly before the mass shooting.

Not everyone saw him as squeaky clean. Some of the neighbors described Paddock as “extremely standoffish” and “aggressively unfriendly,” one report said.

One neighbor reportedly described him as “weird,” and said he “kept to himself.”

That’s not much to go on.

Paddock shot at officers through the door before they broke it down after killing and wounding all those innocent people. He killed himself as they entered.


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