Latest from the Clown World Elites: Global Control of the Internet


The global elites, billionaires, the WEF, the UN, and intelligence agencies are preparing us for global Internet control, among other things.

Julie Inman Grant

Independent reporter Michael Shellenberger dealt with this on Substack. The first clip below has some shocking comments by Julie Inman Grant. She is one of the most prominent women in Australia and a key member of the World Economic Forum and the We Protect Global Alliance. She is also an architect of the global regulators.

CIA Recruit Is Pursuing Global Internet Censorship As “eSafety” Czar In Australia

American–born Julie Inman Grant is a key architect of the multigovernmental “Global Online Safety Regulators Network” to censor the speech that politicians and government bureaucrats fear.

APR 23, 2024

X owner Elon Musk should be thrown in prison, said a senator in Australia yesterday, because he refuses to delete a video of a recent stabbing from X globally. “Whatever Elon Musk is on,” said Senator Jacqui Lambie, “it’s disgusting behavior. Quite frankly, the bloke should be jailed.”

But what’s truly disgusting behavior is calling for the incarceration of someone for refusing to censor the entire global Internet on behalf of a single nation. It is not the right of any nation to decide what should be on the Internet around the world. “No president, prime minister, or judge,” responded Musk on X, “has authority over all of Earth!” He’s right.

Listen, you will be shocked:

Mr. Shellenberger also has a website, Public News dot com.

Globally, we have those who would abolish memes. Take this Australian premier. He is opposed to memes with his face superimposed on other images, leading him to believe memes must be eviscerated globally.

Government surveillance of you – as they do in Russia and China – is good for you. It keeps you safe. That’s what the government and its mouthpiece, the New York Times wants you to believe.

They’re creating chaos to control you. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.


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