ICC Might Arrest Senior Israelis, Including Netanyahu, with US OK


Laughably, a top Hamas political official told the Associated Press the Islamic military group is willing to agree to a truce of five years or more and that it would lay down its weapons and convert into a political party if an independent Palestinian state is established along 1967 borders.

I can write the rest of that story. At the end of five years or sooner, they’ll destroy Israel and kill every Jew in the country. The two-state solution is what the Biden regime is demanding, knowing it will be indefensible and Israel will fall. That’s a mere sidenote to the latest news.

In far worse news, Amit Segal, via Caroline Glick, reports that the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague is considering issuing arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials. Israeli reporter Amit Segal claims that the US must have given its approval. No one would expect the ICC to do this if it did not have the green light from the Americans.

They are talking about arresting Benjamin Netanyahu. The US is likely involved, and the Biden (Obama) regime is doing to Bibi what they are doing to Trump.

Imminent international arrest warrants for Israeli officials:

” _It would not have been possible without a ‘green light’ from the U.S_ .”

Senior officials in The Hague reportedly explained that the chief prosecutor at the IC would not have taken such a dramatic step without American consent.

According to them, Karim Kahn, the chief prosecutor, was elected three years ago thanks to U.S. support. After being elected, Kahn closed two cases that greatly troubled the United States: one related to secret detention cells in Europe related to Afghanistan and the other related to war crimes committed in Afghanistan.

Regarding the intention to issue arrest warrants for senior Israelis, the sources at The Hague said that it is impossible that the chief prosecutor would have decided on such a dramatic step – in a war that is still ongoing – with very little evidence if he had not at least gotten a “green light” from the Americans.

If true, this is yet another unprecedented low in relations between Israel and the United States at a very sensitive time on the eve of the ground operation into Rafah.

Jerusalem has recently received relays indicating that the chance of issuing arrest warrants has dramatically increased, possibly as early as next month.

The Prime Minister’s Office held an urgent discussion on the issue last week, in which serious concerns were raised about allowing the issuance of arrest warrants against senior Israeli security and political leaders, including against Netanyahu himself.

At the end of the discussion, a decision was made to try to take some last-minute efforts at The Hague and in front of influential political parties, in order to prevent the issuance of the arrest warrants. During his meetings with the foreign ministers of the U.K. and Germany in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked for their assistance in this matter before the ICJ.

I believe this report, do you? They’re ditching Jews because Arabs will have far more votes. The fundamental transformation of America and Israel?

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