Latest from the UK: The Word ‘Christmas’ Is Offensive


Ohio State is spending over $13 million a year on ‘Diversicrats’ to force diversity down everyone’s throats. The ‘Diversicrats’ make a lot of money dividing people along racial, religious, sexual lines for a living.

The Left wants the ‘united’ out of the United States. It’s become a moneymaker for a lot of know-nothings.

Its as crazy across the pond.

The UK BLOB (civil service bureaucrats) decided that the word ‘Christmas’ is offensive.

Civil servants can no longer use the word. They just removed the word from a proposed government campaign so as not to offend minorities. That would be the diverse people they brought it to remake the UK.

Everyone caves to the Diversicrats, the WOKEs.

The campaign originally encouraged people to not take COVID home for Christmas.

The WOKE Diversicrats were unhappy with that:

“We have been advised by Cabinet Office that we should not use the word Christmas – as the Government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don’t celebrate Christmas,” an email seen by The Mail on Sunday read. “The other option was ‘festive season’ which keeps the emotional motivation.”

“We have gone with “Don’t take COVID-19 home for the holidays – as it links to school and university Christmas holidays,” the email continued. “The alliteration with ‘home’ and ‘holidays’ scans well and is memorable.”

Another official then objected: “We don’t refer to Christmas as the holidays (that’s an Americanism). Please can we say, ‘Don’t take Covid-19 home’.”

This is a product of the Left. A lot of minorities want to enjoy their new culture:

Last night, Saqib Bhatti, the Conservative MP for Meriden, said: “As a Muslim, I find it ridiculous we can’t enjoy this special time of year. I look forward to showing my new son his first Christmas tree. The idea you can’t mention Christmas is completely ridiculous. It’s a time to celebrate, whatever your background. It’s part of the British culture I love. It’s the celebration of all cultures that makes this the most welcoming country in the world.”

“I’m proud of that and proud to celebrate Christmas. The Blob [disparaging name for civil service] needs to stop waging war on Christmas and get on with delivering for the British people.”

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before this new ‘outrage’ catches on in the United States. We already appear to be headed that way. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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