Latest Odd News of Strangest Act of Domestic Terrorism in US History


When Stephen Paddock set off his armed attack from the Mandalay Bay on October 1, 2017, he immediately destroyed the lives of nearly 500 people and indirectly, all the thousands who love the victims. He killed 58 innocent people who merely wanted to enjoy a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All these months later, we know very little about what motivated Paddock and what actually happened in that hotel prior to the horrific event. Law enforcement tells us there won’t be a final report for a year.

This is the worst mass shooting in American history and the only investigation of any import comes from a twitter reporter, not the press. Where is the U.S. media?

People are now commenting on “the latest news” as if we didn’t have this information already.

The LasVegas Review Journal reported that the hotel staff had at least 10 “normal” interactions with Paddock, including 2 on the day of the shooting, and saw no need for a ‘welfare check’ Welfare checks are performed when the ‘do not disturb’ sign is up for two days. It allows them to go into the room up to 4 times a day. Here’s the latest from the Journal reporting it as January 5th news although we knew about it 3 months ago:

Updated January 5, 2018 – 6:58 pm

Mandalay Bay hotel staff had more than 10 interactions with Stephen Paddock in the days leading up to his Oct. 1 massacre of 58 people on the Strip, including two on the day of the shooting, MGM Resorts International said Friday.

“Mandalay Bay staff, room service and housekeeping had contact with Paddock or entered his suite more than 10 times over the course of his stay, including the three days leading up to October 1,” an MGM Resorts spokesperson said in an email.

They are not only reporting old news as if it were new news, they might be reporting it incorrectly.

Controversial, citizen journalist Laura Loomer shared this information three months ago with more detailed information. She has receipts to show the interactions.

Several radio shows have been playing the Vegas shooting as breaking news.

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Glenn Kessler
Glenn Kessler
5 years ago

There is no news. The media and the Government tried to sell us a false narrative of another crazy lone gunman story. American’s just don’t swallow this crap anymore. Las Vegas is the most heavily filmed city in the world. You cannot pee on a bush at a Las Vegas Casino without it being captured on at least 5 video cameras from various angles. If it were a lone gunman, the casino and the police would have made those videos public, to prove their theory.

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

Mandalay Bay: Big Money is obstructing justice or protecting the negligent actions of the hotel from becoming knowledge which survivors can use in their lawsuits against the hotel and that big money controls the FBI and State law enforcement otherwise the information would be public.