Latest Polls From ABC/IPSOS and Rasmussen


HOST: “And Biden seems to be struggling with the key demographic that he would need to win and win big if he stands a chance of being reelected.”

ANALYST: “John, there is significant softness in the support for Joe Biden among core Democrats.

“In this poll, he’s carrying black voters by 61 points. That sounds like a lot, but he carried them by 84 points back in 2020.

“Latino voters, a very slight Biden edge in this poll, but it was a 21-point advantage in the exit polls back in 2020.

“And among younger voters under 30, we’re actually seeing Trump with a slight edge. That was a big win for Biden last time around.

“It’s particularly stark to see that difference among voters of color, black voters under age 50, far less likely in this poll to say they’re supporting Joe Biden than older black voters.”

Still, the ABC News poll has Biden up by four points among likely voters.

On the other hand, Rasmussen Reports:

Despite being on trial in New York City, former President Donald Trump has widened his lead over President Joe Biden during the past month.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, in a three-way contest between Biden, Trump, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 46% of Likely U.S. Voters would choose Trump, 36% would vote for Biden, and nine percent (9%) would vote for Kennedy. In April, Trump led by 6 points, 44% to 38% for Biden, with RFK Jr. at 10%. Four percent (4%) now say they’d vote for some other candidate, and another four percent (4%) are undecided.

NB: ABC leans left, and Rasmussen leans right.

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