The Real Coup & Insurrection Wasn’t on J6, Continued For Years


The real coup and the true insurrection was Russiagate. While the facts were revealed eventually, they’ve been responded to with a shrug and memory-holed. It has been so effective that many Americans don’t realize it happened. Some still believe Donald Trump was in bed with Putin. Hillary Clinton and others still push the lie without the media even noticing it’s a lie. They simply repeat it like lemmings.

Ironically, the counterintelligence official, Charles McGonigal, who helped launch the fraudulent investigation, was sentenced to four years in prison for colluding with Russia.

Democrats knowingly spread the lie.

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign paid for the fraudulent dossier, and the information was obtained from the Kremlin. It was Hillary Clinton who indirectly conspired with Russia.  John McCain helped promote it to the newspapers. The dossier was a setup. It was the greatest scandal of our time, and no one cared because the Left had successfully dehumanized Donald Trump.

The Russiagate forger got a slap on the wrist for faking information to get a FISA surveillance warrant on a Trump campaign staffer.

The Alfa Bank conspiracy and alleged pings were made up by Hillary Clinton’s aide, Jake Sullivan.

All the liars who so damaged our ‘democracy,’ as they like to call it, were rewarded with high-level positions or lucrative contracts to appear on cable or run companies, and all are back, doing it again, this time with lawfare and the usual media smears.

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