Latest UNBELIEVABLY Idiotic Statements from Alexandria O-Cortez


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says we can use the same “blueprint” we used in World War II to defeat the Nazis to now defeat global warming. She is conflating two unlike entities but that is because she is superficial and seemingly without critical thinking skills.

The only thing the left can alter is the economy. The leftists have said they want to destroy capitalism.

Well, we would regress to some primitive point in history to reduce the global temperature — maybe — by one half of one percent.

The earth is warming but that could be the natural course of events — there is evidence of that. We also don’t know if humans affect it or how much — there is lots of evidence for that. There are some things beyond our control and this doesn’t appear to be the problem the left says it is.

This idiot, who somehow managed to get a college degree, says it’s like fighting Nazis, two, unlike entities. And, alarmingly, the Democrat Party chief Tom Perez says she is the “future of the Democrat Party”. Why? Because she’s far-left, pretty, and sweet?

She’s also a fool and a communist.



  1. I do not think she is pretty. She is think like a stick, she has low nourishment to the brain.

    Her words resonate with many ignorant voters. They do not want accuracy or details, they want to be told they are victims and need know nothing more.

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