Laura Ingraham Battles Charles Krauthammer Over Trump’s Fiery Speech


President Trump could have stuck to his plans for tax reform and infrastructure during his press conference Tuesday, but instead he chose to answer questions about Charlottesville and brought up the violence coming from both sides.

You can read an article at The Daily Wire or listen to the fiery press conference at the end.

One negative result is the sixth person has dropped out of the President’s economic council. That AFL-CIO chief said he cannot tolerate a president who tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism. That’s a flat out lie. The President does not support racism or terrorism, but he did tell the truth when he said both sides were violent and prepared to be violent.

Yes, any Neo-Nazi or white supremacist is evil and we have a unique situation in this country, as do most other countries in the world, with a history of slavery. That must be emphasized.

However, to ignore the constant assaults by violent communists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa is political malfeasance. Trump should have saved his comments about the violent left for a group of Trump supporters who are not Nazis or white supremacists.

The President did not excuse the intolerance, bigotry and violence of any white supremacists but that is how the media is reporting it.

Laura Ingraham dealt with the issue on Special Report and got into a feud with Charles Krauthammer who is a merciless neverTrumper.

Charles read into Trump’s heart and explained what Trump is thinking, which prompted Laura to say, “You can read a heart, wow, you really are a PhD.”

The fiery speech:


  1. I wasn’t going to watch the “Jerry Springer” panels on Fox, no matter who is on, and scrubbing through the video I stopped at a one-on-one with Raheem Kassam. It wasn’t very far into the interview when this woman asks Raheem “Is Bannon an anti-Semite, is he a neo-Nazi”. I had heard they dropped the slogan “fair and balanced” and people would say they are becoming CNN. Well, they may as well use CNN’s logo.

    • Things are escalating rapidly. As Fox drops support for Trump, he is all alone. Last night, when Tucker started, I expected some decent coverage to ensue. Instead, he was forced to open with Ed Henry, who immediately began covering CNN’s reports on the situation.

  2. The young kids of today may very well be confronting their grandkids who will say slavery was a hoax and the older generation will have to prove it existed, but there will be no history.

  3. It’s sickening to listen to these fanatical obsessive media stooges who are sophomoric intellectuals. It’s sickening to hear how Trump should do this, or be this way, according to them. Well, one thing IS for certain, the media will absolutely NOT allow that, Fox included, as the aftermath showed. Even Bush was accorded some deference, albeit short lived, in the aftermath of 9-11. The two of them were doing what has become standard, that is, to ingratiate themselves to the black community in hopes of being spared any retaliation. I heard this directly from a local radio station co-host, who happened to be educated in journalism, that she would “have” to take this stance so as not to suffer the racist charge. It has already been admitted that Trump cannot be allowed Any success whatsoever.

    These “conservative” talking heads are ONLY concerned with their OWN brand and have the assumption that Trump “may” damage their brand. They could care less about Trump OR his agenda even though they may agree With it.

    As it stands, Trump is in the middle of an insurrection being fought by Antifa leftists and BLM and Anarchists and whose generals are the mainstream media and Democrats their lieutenants.

    • Even Laura failed us. She conceded that Trump made a big mistake Saturday and did not understand why. She conceded that the right was the instigator. But they had legal permission. She had big opportunities to attack. CK is scared of her. Big deal if she gets her show soon. Fox will force her to have panel members like CK who will be micromanaging anything about Trump.

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