Left calls Trump a racist for not bringing immigrants in to catch the virus


President Trump has temporarily ended all immigration into the United States. He did it so American citizens [and legal residents of course] get hired first.

It isn’t popular with the left but it is hard for them to push for immigrants to come in while making Americans sit in their homes.

President Trump is putting Americans and the American worker first. Apparently, Democrats really hate that. It’s only for 60 days and we have 22 million Americans out of work.

The left is falling back on their tired old Trump is a ‘racist and a xenophobe’ line.

Dumb Rep. Hakeem Jefferies, a New York socialist Democrat, is calling the president a “xenophobe in chief.” Jefferies would be better off if he spent his time looking into why his city in his state is the virus hot spot of the nation. Without New York, the virus would be a blip on the radar.

Fake conservative Jennifer Rubin, a dishonest fake reporter, says President Trump is a racist and a xenophobe who is doing this to pump up his supporters.

NBC reported, “Immigration to the U.S. is already functionally shut down. The Trump administration had closed the U.S.-Canada border and started deporting asylum-seekers and other migrants on the Southern border without due process. International air travel has largely been suspended.”

Both Canada and Mexico agreed to close their borders.

What race is Canadian?

As Jim Jordan said, you can’t keep people in their homes and then say immigrants should come here.

Fake Indian Warren is also eager to bring immigrants in so they can catch the Wuhan Chinese Communist Virus.

Crazy commie Omar also weighed in.

The left called the China travel ban xenophobic and racist back in January, but now they say he let some Chinese in and that was just wrong. They can’t make up their minds.

Leftists who think it’s a great idea to give cash and all our benefits to people here illegally also arrest pastors and rabbis for praying during a pandemic. They say abortion is essential and ‘life-sustaining.’ But Trump is the bad guy???

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