Leftists “Make History” in Foreign Garb, Swearing Allegiance on a Quran


Democrats say nothing about the anti-semitism of new congresspeople in the House as they take an oath which means nothing to them. They are the face of the New Democratic Party.

Ilhan Omar is taking over the seat previously held by Rep. Keith Ellison. The corrupt media and fellow Democrats portray her as a force against bigotry even though that isn’t true. She is an ardent supporter of anti-Semite, America hater Linda Sarsour and she backs the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel, despite denying it until she was voted into office.


Ilhan and Rashida Tlaib will both be sworn in on the Quran. Ilhan will wear her hijab and Rashida will appear in her Palestinian attire as promised. Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour will be in attendance to join in their celebration.

What don’t people get about these babes swearing allegiance on a book that embodies the Holy Grail of Islam — Sharia Law? There is nothing American about this.

Rashida was elected by Michigan voters to take the place of disgraced John Conyers and Ilhan took Keith Ellison’s place in Minnesota. These women are dangerous leftists. They call themselves Democrats and Democrat Socialists.

Newsweek praised Rashida’s win, but it’s not only Newsweek. Google her and Ilhan and you will find that every mainstream media outlet is salivating over them and the other communist newbies.

The media says the two Sharia babes are “making history” and they regale these leftists who do not share American values. That is the state of our media today. They ignore bigotry and ideology.

Tlaib has made a point of being Palestinian, not American, and we get the same message from Ilhan.



  1. How can these people swear an oath of allegience to the United States and abide by the Koran? Is there a penalty for willfully lying on the swearing in oath??

  2. The same people who cheer on bull-fighting, cock-fights and two dogs tearing each other’s throats out in a dog-fight ring are the ones who are cheering on two militant anti-American Congresspersons.

  3. For a Muslim to swear an oath to infidels on any book, including the Bible, is an exercise in futility, inasmuch as the Koran says it’s perfectly fine to lie to infidels in conducting any business. To believe anything coming from a Muslim is to bury one’s head in the ground.

  4. They did NOT swear an oath of allegiance to uphold the Constitution. They went through a charade (takiyya) with their hate-filled Quran so the idiots in America will believe their lies. They are here to install sharia law, for jihad and to advance the Global Caliphate. They HATE America and Christians, not just Jews. They are here to destroy every vestige of our culture and religion, just as they have for the past 1400 years in every nation they have conquered. These demons make Europe’s Dark Ages absolutely brilliant and peaceful.

  5. Swearing her oath of office on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran is the pinnacle of stupidity. That early Quran translation was published to warn Christians about Muhammad’s religious forgery and the evils of Muslims. Jefferson studied it to understand why Muslims felt justified in enslaving Americans and demanding millions of dollars of tribute from the newly founded nation. See: http://www.faithfreedom.org/another-muslim-swearing-on-thomas-jeffersons-quran/

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