LI ‘back to work’ protesters call ‘alarmed’ reporter ‘traitor,” “fake news,” “practically chased him”


News12 Long Island reporter Kevin Vesey was very “alarmed” over the reaction of protesters who want the economy to re-open. A few people out of a thousand were angry, one man in particular.

The protest in Commack this week was the second one calling for businesses to re-open. There were about a thousand people in attendance. One group supported Trump as well.

A few attendees screamed at the reporter and one followed him, speaking harshly. One person told the reporter the Setauket Patriots were to blame but that group didn’t know the people who were harassing the reporter. I know the Setauket Patriots and they are very low key and peaceful.

This is the Setauket Patriots and they weren’t the people alarming the reporter:

In the end, some people believe the media will continue to get these receptions from a widening gamut of people. They know the media is lying to them. Dan Bongino put it this way, “The media did this to themselves.”


There were nearly a thousand people not insulting him but you won’t see those interviews because they don’t exist.

Vesey said he’ll never forget it, which leads us to believe he has a very dull life.

Rolling Stone published an article about the protests headlining it, Protesting Trump Supporters ‘Berate’ and ‘Practically Chase’ TV Reporter.’ Their subtitle was, “I’ll probably never forget what happened today,” reporter Kevin Vesey said

Mediate titled their piece, ‘Traitor!’: Local News Reporter Abused and Stalked By Lockdown Protestors on Long Island

Mediaite overdramatized it for clicks most likely.

For those not on Long Island, News 12 is only left-leaning all the time. They run Cuomo in a constant loop, and always omit important facts that support President Trump. They’re not as bad as some, however.

Vesey wasn’t in danger of catching the virus, he has already had it.


Vesey was alarmed at this exchange:

The protestors, at one point, chanted: “Fake news is not essential!”

Vesey posted a video showing one of the demonstrators who refused to keep his distance.

“Can you please stay away from me, sir?” Vesey asked the man.

“This is six feet!” The man replied.

“You’re not six feet!” Vesey shot back.

“Measure!” The man shouted [no one seems to know who this man is].

Why he didn’t back off we can’t say. No one seems to know who he is. Some think he was a plant.

Honestly, many Americans know the media is largely fake news and they see it as traitorous. We need the media to be honest and to serve as legitimate watchdogs. They probably can’t come back from their reporting since Barack Obama came to power. They have gone over the line too many times.

The Setauket Patriots apologized after they were blamed but the angry people weren’t their members. The Patriots went to get a fair, positive report — always hopeful.

The apology:


Mr. Vesey has already had coronavirus and wasn’t in danger. [How do you practically chase someone?]


One can make a case for the media reporting fake news and acting in a traitorous manner.

The media is ignoring or lying about the revelations from the newly-released transcripts showing that not one witness for Schiff’s impeachment intel committee had evidence that Donald Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. It was invented. The media is also ignoring or lying about the unmaskings of General Flynn during the transition, which show they were spying on his every move.

There won’t be much sympathy for the media any time soon.

People know what’s going on, even if they don’t always express it politely.

They had a Donald Trump:

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Surprise to most…if you have a decent memory…might not really have realized it at the time…but the charter members of the MSM have been disseminating propaganda “news(?)” for well over forty years. They are now under pressure to deliver, from their Demoncrapicrino/NWO overlords, and are making gaffes..all of which they cannot catch that people with a couple brain cells in working order are picking up on….It is becoming increasingly difficult for the MSM to suppress NEWS, even with the help of the retarded censors in social media…notice they are calling for a “fall” outbreak which will not be surprising. Has anyone noticed the propensity the virus has suddenly acquired for the employees of food, especially meat, processing plants both in the USA and Canada. Looks kind of directed does it not???

3 years ago

I love this. I sick of seeing the obnoxious Antifa’s raising hell, being violent and fake news is shocked at any kind of protests from Conservatives! Just outraged:/

Real Eyes See Right Through
Real Eyes See Right Through
3 years ago

Agents in place. They went out for a bite to eat with media comrades after the show.
Enemedia is as fake as pro wrestling now without all the wild entertainment and belly laughs.
Groups are always infiltrated and corrupted which is why I avoid them at all times.

3 years ago

What’s the difference. You see major news outlet reporters “heckling” the President as he leaves the grounds.

3 years ago

Maybe the reporters should be asking themselves why people feel this way about them. Stop reporting fake news. Just give us the true facts, and let the people form their own opinions