Lib school district demands schools stay closed until August 2021


The Fairfax County Teacher’s Union wants the schools closed to in-person classes until August 2021. They will come to work in person if their list of unreasonable demands is met. It is a very left-wing county.

If there is a limited opening, they demand HVAC in each building. Staff must also be provided with medical-grade masks, gloves, foot coverings, and laundry service at each site. Employees who feel unsafe don’t have to come to work. All staff and families should be granted the option of teleworking-distance learning.

Since they agree these demands won’t be met, they demand the schools remain closed.

This is utter nonsense. What awful people. They don’t care at all about the children. Every teacher knows the children aren’t learning what they need to learn over the Internet. Some children desperately need to get out of their homes. These teachers know that too.

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