Liberty or Death: The Loss of America


“Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

So spoke Patrick Henry in 1775 risking death on the gallows for speaking treason against the king of England. Patrick Henry would be abashed at how modern Americans have so willingly surrendered their liberties for the duplicitous chains and slavery of Covid-19. Confined to our homes, our every day lives enslaved by a vaccine mandate, trained to rat out our neighbors, to inform on our families, afraid to be seen in the wrong places or be heard uttering unpopular beliefs, we have ceded our sacred Constitutional rights – our God-given rights — to a demented old president, to dictatorial governors, legislators, lawyers, and jurists, and we sit back inured to our own government’s lawless oppression.

So, is life so dear or peace so sweet? Patrick Henry admonished us: “Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss.”

I ask you, are you feeling more secure now after giving up your God-given liberties to the tyrants in our own government who have made you jump through hoops by promising you what they cannot deliver – that they will protect you from the scary bogeyman called Covid-19 and its innumerable mutant strains? Yes, Covid kills. It kills the body. Just maybe, and probably maybe, perhaps it will kill the body. But if we still believe in an almighty Creator, the body is not who we are or what we are. And surely, slavery, cowardice, and obedience to petty tyrants kills the human spirit and kills the essence of manhood. Yes, and it kills womanhood.

Is not Anthony Fauci a despicable, duplicitous fraud? Is not Joe Biden a cowardly feckless tyrant? Is not the Deep State pure evil, as are our once esteemed federal agencies? Are not the globalists monsters hiding in the shadows? We cannot trust any of them. And you – if you cringe and cower and surrender your soul to their whimsical mandates – you, too, are complicit. You are your own enemy, and you are the enemy of a free America.

You are worse than a fool! You do not deserve liberty because you are incapable of understanding the cost of liberty, and you are not willing to pay that cost.

America as we know it is gone forever. Yes, we may gain back some of the old America we loved, but not in our lifetime – and then it will never be as it was a few short generations ago. With a foolish, obedient populace indoctrinated in our government schools, with a complicit teachers union and a radical leftist news media educated by radical leftists college professors, the leftists, the Marxists, and the corporatists have brought America to irreparable ruin.

And so goes the free world, for the stability of the free world depends on the stability of America. Everything now – across the world — is a crap shoot. If you travel abroad, the United States government cannot and will not guarantee your safety. Foreign governments and transportation systems are so shaky you may have problems returning home from what were once safe destinations. Things change overnight in any given area of the globe. America is weakened, evil forces are afoot, and now it’s open season on Americans and all free-loving people as chaos and violence reign.

Maybe it will begin to turn around if Donald Trump gets reelected president in 2024, but in our lifetime, it will never be the same. And why? Because Americans – damned Democrats and damned Republicans alike – have decided life is indeed, so dear and peace is indeed so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. God, help us. We are lost in a dark abyss. Where are the Americans of old? They are buried in the earth with the bones of Patrick Henry.

Benjamin Franklin said it simply: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Would that the modern generation studied the founding fathers and their writings. Sadly it is all too late. The America we loved will never survive these people. And we – all of us – have let it happen.

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  1. The comrades need the Covidiocracy to last and they are moving quickly to fundamentally transform into Zimbabwe.
    At least the bad orange tweets are gone.

    • People lost their reasoning, souls and individuality. It gets worse from here. The election coup was the point of no return.

      While we are undergoing destruction, people do not realize it is underway.

  2. I am completely ashamed of this present day society. How easily they are led astray with the worship of false gods (money, power, supposed notoriety). We have become nothing more than controlled lackeys, from individuals to businesses. Nothing more than state controlled entities. The founders would have burned this place to the ground by now and sent every single one of us half way back to England to float without direction for all eternity. We have lost our moral compass, integrity, and ethical values, have no direction, no goals and no sense of right or wrong. We have succumbed to evil.

    • To worship false gods (the state, globalism, …) is a mortal sin in Christianity. Society is terminally ill.

      There is so little to be proud of anymore.

  3. I don’t think America is lost forever. I don’t think it’s lost at all. I live in the Bright Red Conservative South. We have been back to life at normal for over a year now. We haven’t really begun to fight because there aren’t hundreds of dead Liberal politicians in the streets. Instead of rioting, the actions of Communist Democrat Liberal Losers, we are working to restore America by more Civilized Political means. The Polls indicate we are winning. The open chants at sports events indicate we are winning. We turned our back for just a moment and Communist Democrat Liberal Losers stole an Election, but now we are watching them like a hawk. There will be a CONSERVATIVE RESET, but Patriotic Americans will try by civilized methods first, because uncivilized methods will result in tens of millions of Communist Democrat Liberal Losers dead in the Street of Big Blue Cities. Committed Patriots where only 1/3 of America in 1775. Today Committed Patriots are a Majority! The Communist Democrat Liberal Losers made a huge mistake; they went after Parents trying to protect their Children from indoctrination and lies. In the process, they lost significant ground with both White and Black Woman – Mama Bears. Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are now looking around and wondering why life is back to normal in Red States and Liberals are starting to ask very uncomfortable questions of Liberal Politicians. Notice that both Traitor Joe and Heels Up Harris are in hiding. I said over 6 months ago that Conservatives just need to keep our powder dry; the Liberals will go after the Communist Democrat Liberal Loser Politicians.

  4. GuvGeek — I’ve read and enjoyed many of your comments on previous stories. You’ve always been insightful and true to your mark. You are a true patriot, and I admire your devotion to America.and your knowledge of history. You understand citizenship. So, it’s with great respect that I ask you: In referencing the South — what the hell happened to Georgia in the last two elections…? My point is, all of America needs to fight harder against these Marxists bastards. It seems, we can’t count on the GOP…

    • Old Scout: I truly believe the 2020 Election was stolen in Georgia and the Governor is a ball-less wonder who allowed it to happen; a go along to get along RINO. Election Fraud is easy to see, but Politicians have made it very hard to prosecute since most morally challenged politicians will steal an election to stay in power or get in power. The 2020 Election was the death cry of Communist Democrat Liberal Losers. Between BREXIT and President Trump, the Globalist were seeing their visions of the Globalist Oligarchy slipping away. I have a lot of hope because my Grandfather was old enough to school me on the politics of the 1st half of the 20th Century. Nothing is really new here. I told my daughter a few weeks ago when she was losing hope, that the best way to get rid of incompetent politicians with crazy ideas is to just let them run things for awhile. Liberals are starting to feel the pain of Marxist incompetence. I am confident that people are paying attention now and in 2022 we will see Democrats and RINOs swept from Congress. We are already seeing GOP retirees because they know they will be primaried and lose. The RINO GOP has been a problem for a long time. I’m a Libertarian because as Reagan said, he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Party left him. When Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million Illegal Aliens, the Republican Party left me. All my life I’ve been an America First person, way before President Trump made the idea popular. I think Steve Bannon has a great Idea. President Trump should run for the House in Florida. In 2023, he would be elected Speaker of the House. Remove both Traitor Joe and Heels Up Harris and we will have 6 years of President Trump to straighten the mess out. By 2023, the Communist Democrat Liberal Loser pain will be so great most Liberals will welcome President Trump back into the White House.

      • The Governor of Georgia is not “ball-less”
        (you are presuming here that he cares, but lacks the courage to do something about it). He is simply a Democrat appointed RINO who is on the payroll. Democrats are sociopaths and as such, have no conscience. Brian Kemp simply doesn’t care.

      • You do know why Biden and Harris were deliberately and fraudulently placed in the White House, don’t you? So that Pelosi can
        pretend to be both President and Vice President. And she is (in control of the Oval Office). She a perverse, border line senile,
        and deranged megalomaniac.

  5. We used to be a shining city on a hill. Now we are nothing more than a trash heap of ashes. The ashes are from the Communist leftist Democrats burning of the Constitution. The beacon light that guides freedom-loving people everyone (President Reagan) is now just the flicker of a candle. We can’t let the light be extinguished! We’re gonna need a bigger flame.

    • Dee Dee: We are still the Shining City on the Hill. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t see millions coming across our borders. If the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers weren’t losing, they wouldn’t be coming here. Cuba is a Communist country and you don’t see people wanting to go there. You don’t see people flooding into China and Russia. If anything, our Flame is too Bright! We need to turn down the Flame and turn up the Beacon of Freedom in other countries so there are beacons around the world and people don’t have to come here to find freedom. I don’t know what makes the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers think all these people will vote for them. If they find jobs, become citizens, and have to pay taxes, they will vote Republican. In the near term, our job is to crush the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers.

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