NJ Gov Gave $40 Million Taxpayer $$$ to Illegals, Plans More AFTER He’s Re-Elected


On Wednesday, Project Veritas released the second undercover video in the investigation into the crooked wretch who serves as Governor or New Jersey, Phil Murphy. He is up for re-election this year and is expected to win. Unfortunately, New Jerseyites don’t seem to know he’s a crook.

In the first bombshell video that James O’Keefe released on Monday, Murphy’s senior campaign adviser Wendy Martinez said Murphy was going to impose a universal vaccine mandate AFTER he is re-elected.

In this second clip, Martinez reveals that Murphy gave tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens in New Jersey. She estimates he gave out somewhere around “$40 million” and he has plans to shell out a lot more – AFTER he is re-elected.

That’s how you replace Americans and make foreigners your future voters.

MARTINEZ: if the truth got out, it would be “political suicide.” “There’s been some money given already. It hasn’t been said. What’s happening is they want more. I think that the forty million was what was already given.”

UNDERCOVER REPORTER: “But if he talks about it, then it’s gonna be suicide for him?”

MARTINEZ: “If he does it right now, yes.”


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