Libs Tell Trump He Can’t Overturn an Obama Memo


For those who don’t know, DACA didn’t come about because of an executive order, it was the result of a MEMO. So when the courts and attorneys general in liberal states put a hold on the President’s cancellation of DACA, they are telling him he can’t rescind a memo!

Barack Obama ruled by memo. He changed the way the government does business by growing the power of the executive branch. His use of executive orders paled in comparison to his use of memos – “guidance” issuances – to make it happen.

He didn’t need executive orders as long as he had his pen, phone and the ability to “clarify” with “memoranda”. His “clarifications” fundamentally transformed the government and gave his overblown agencies powers they were never meant to have.

In the case of DACA, he invented a “rule” to legalize DREAMers and it was issued in a memo. The “rule” halted most deportations.

It was correctly interpreted by smugglers and corrupt politicians as an invitation to bring children and teens, even gang kids, into the country illegally.

The fascists and dictators on the left have gone completely rogue. This is the dictatorship the Democrats want for America.

Look at some of the lovely people dubbed as DACA in this video. They are eating their own abd they are an entitled bunch. This is what appeasement breeds.

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