What a Snake! Another Jim Comey Lie Under Oath That MSM Isn’t Talking About


Former FBI director Jim Comey told Congress under oath that he didn’t write memos as a rule. He never felt the need to write detailed memos of conversations with presidents before President Trump. That was a lie and it’s all recorded in a book by his friend.

He felt the need to write a memo in a conversation with Bush, another Republican president!

John Hinderaker, an attorney who writes for Powerline, laid it all out in an article on June 10th.

It seems Comey had a conversation with former President George W. Bush that he documented in a two-page memo. However, Comey testified that after serving under three presidents, only Trump brought him to the point of writing CYA memos.

After all, if he had been a “stronger man”, he’s no “crusader”, he felt “uncomfortable”, “queasy”, “stunned”, and “confused” and what else could he do but write his first CYA memo?

This is what he said under oath:

WARNER: And so, in all your experience, this was the only president that you felt like, in every meeting, you needed to document, because at some point, using your words, he might put out a non-truthful representation of that meeting?



COMEY: That’s right, Senator.

And I — I — as I said in my written testimony, as FBI director, I interacted with President Obama. I spoke only twice in three years, and didn’t document it. When I was deputy attorney general, I had one one-on-one meeting with President Bush about a very important and difficult national security matter.

I didn’t write a memo documenting that conversation either — sent a quick e-mail to my staff to let them know there was something going on, but I didn’t feel, with President Bush, the need to document it in that way, again (ph), because of — the combination of those factors just wasn’t present with either President Bush or President Obama.

However, he did write a long memo in connection to the meeting with Bush [it concerned a request for warrantless surveillance].

The Bush incident goes like this. While his boss John Ashcroft was in the hospital, Comey was temporarily in charge. He said at the time that Robert Mueller and he were going to resign over Bush’s request for warrantless surveillance. [Imagine how close those two must be if Comey knew Mueller was going to resign. Mueller of course is the Special Counsel in the Russia investigation, but I digress].

He recorded the meeting and gave it to a friend writing a book demonizing the former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In a Cheney-attack book titled, Angler, by Barton Gellman (a Cheney hater) Comey, was listed as one of the book’s main sources. Gellman describes Comey’s meeting with Bush. The information obviously came from Comey.


Gellman also produced the “quick email” in the book. It was substantive, not the “quick email” to tell his staff “there was something going on”. Comey lied during his testimony last week.

Not only that, Comey wrote down an extensive report of the conversation detailed in the Angler. The conversation was spelled out with quotes. The entire conversation came from Comey’s notes.

Comey even sent a detailed memo to six Justice Department officials at the time. That’s also in the book.

Comey claiming he only needed to document his conversation with Trump is untrue.

Comey only needs to record meetings with Republicans

As Hindraker wrote today in the blog: Comey’s statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee that “I didn’t feel, with President Bush, the need to document it in that way” was false. He did document his story about his meeting with President Bush, in great detail, in a “report” that was turned into “unclassified notes.”

As Hindraker said: The real pattern is that Comey is a snake in the grass who creates tendentious, self-serving memos that can later be used to cover his own rear end or to discredit presidents, but only if they are Republicans.

Obama unmasked and surveilled millions according to early reports. Did Comey know? If he did, does he have any memos? Doubtful!

It’s also interesting to note that Comey felt no such need to memorialize his meeting with his boss Loretta Lynch when she told him to use the language of the Clinton campaign in discussing the investigation into her server. He was to call it a “matter”.

Forget the Special Counsel

Comey also hinted throughout the testimony that Trump was under investigation but when asked outright, he said repeatedly that he was not. Furthermore, Comey admitted he manipulated the situation to force a Special Counsel.

After this testimony, it is obvious that the reasons put forth for a Special Counsel were the result of manipulation and deceit. The Special Counsel should be dismissed immediately.

What if this happened to you – a nobody? Picture yourself being under investigation, as a nobody, and some clown at the FBI has a “gut” feeling that you’re up to something because you’re of a different political persuasion.

Mr. Hinderaker has more details in his article on this link.



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