Life Will Come to a Stop in UK’s Bleak Winter


Six in ten – 60% – of UK manufacturing faces bankruptcy risk due to soaring energy bills. Every UK politician should be voted out for this complete failure to have a rational energy policy. And 1.7 million households in the UK will stop paying their energy bills next month when the price cap rises.

Life will come to a stop in the UK’s bleak winter. The lights could go out, and there could be no heat. If that happens, Nigel Farage says life will come to a stop, and tens of thousands will die from the cold.

Nigel Farage tried to warn Australia during a TV interview recently. But, it’s likely too late for them. Too many Australians have bought into the monarchial despotism of the climate tyrants.

As Mr. Farage said, they want to shut down all the manufacturing, sending it to India and China, to accomplish net zero by their artificial deadline.

They want to “build lots and lots of windmills, tax the poor, put lots of subsidies on their bills, give it to the rich, give it to the multinationals, and don’t produce your own gas, don’t produce your own coal, don’t produce enough of your own oil, that is the mess we’ve gotten into.”

“And the extraordinary thing is you’d know you’d have thought this was all hard-left socialist stuff. No, it’s the British conservative passing. Yeah, it’s Boris Johnson and others that have pushed this really, really hard, and anyone that dares to stand up, say, ‘hang on a second. What are we doing?’ Well, we are called deniers. It’s the modern-day equivalent of being accused of witchcraft.”

We are all heading for a very primitive existence.


The US is right behind. Can’t we learn from Europe’s mistakes? Do we really want the same bills after November?

The Brits are told they have to do it for Ukraine. They’re doing it as everyone in the West – at the direction of the US under Biden and Democrats and the World Economic Forum – to enforce sanctions against Russia that don’t work. The underlying goal is to advance the extreme climate agenda.

This is going on throughout Europe. When will Americans react?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The energy shortage in Europe is real, a physical fact. England gets cold enough, but Germany is colder. They face homes colder than WW2, when they used coal and wood. Europeans are badly educated and propagandized, so many do not know or do not care. Security forces are well equipped to crush any uprisings unless they become very large. The globalists are acting with high confidence. Many people will blame Russia. Biden will give them some of our energy.