Nigel Farage at US border: Illegal immigration on “a scale almost unimaginable”


Nigel Farage visited our terrifying border. And he isn’t even our “Border Czar” like Kamala. At least Nigel cares about our border. He has made more visits to the Mexico Border than Biden and Harris combined.

Illegal immigration is on “a scale almost unimaginable” and “it has reached an emergency level,” according to Mr. Farage. Over 700,000 people have crossed and that doesn’t count the hundreds of thousands of cartels and who knows what else.

So far, people are coming from over 160 countries. Biden’s happy, we know that. It’s what he — actually his handlers — wants.

These future Democrats are being sent all over the country and the purpose is clear. The illegal aliens will decide America’s future policies. When Democrats have all the power, they will destroy all dissent and all our rights. Actually, they are doing it now.

This is the one thing we can’t come back from – these are people who won’t assimilate.


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1 year ago

Kamal is still washing off her hand after having to touch that pasty South Korean deplorable.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
1 year ago

The Biden misadministration thinks if they bury their heads in the sand no one will notice the immigration crisis. Well, everyone else in the world is noticing.