LinkedIn deletes mRNA vaccine inventor after he questioned COV shots for kids


Dr. Robert Malone who describes himself as the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, and who is pro-vaccine, expressed concerns about giving the vaccine to children in a YouTube video. He was then taken down from the platform. Tucker also had him on his show.

LinkedIn [Microsoft] then deleted Dr. Malone’s account after he made the comments.

Dr. Malone noted the deletion on Twitter, calling it “arbitrary and capricious” and damaging to his business.

Dr. Malone told Just the News that he had the account for ten or fifteen years with 6,000 followers. There was no warning.

In a subsequent email, LinkedIn told him why they canceled him, claiming he is spreading misinformation.

[We wouldn’t want anyone disagreeing with these fascists, would we?]

Dr. Malone’s response was, “Maybe I have been too subtle. In the absurd justification provided for why LinkedIn kicked me off, the #1 reason was the post where I called COI on Jim Smith – Board chair of Reuters – for also being on the board of directors for Pfizer. I was kicked off of LinkedIn next day.”

He also retweeted this comment from another Twitter user: Jim Smith also serves on the board of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

That’s not suspicious at all.

Dr. Malone also tweeted: We need a new word for what is going on regarding the censorship and integration between government, big tech, and pharma. One example might be “technofacism”. Please teach me better words for this? What do you call it?

Anyone who questions the vaccine gets deleted. It feels like the CCP. How can we say it’s okay for private companies to censor an expert this heavily when the communication platforms all collude together and control most of the lines of communication?


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