Lisa Page went to the RBG vigil & should have kept it to herself


Disgraced former FBI attorney Lisa Page won’t stop sharing her thoughts on Twitter. She just won’t go away.

Apparently, she thought it a good idea to put her or someone’s daughters up on Twitter with a spooky photo of herself at the RBG Memorial.

People are labeling her a homewrecker,  asking what they thought of her affair, we’re all laughing at you, you should be in jail, and so on.

Here’s one interesting response:

A few others — people don’t seem to like her but that doesn’t stop her from tweeting:

I’m sure Strzoks wife appreciates your noble character Folded hands

Peter Stzrok & Andrew McCabe + ? NutSackLisa

Crazy eyes runs in the genes. Btw, what comes around, goes around.

I imagine they will have visitation rights.

Yo mama’s a ho!

How is Peter doing?

At least your daughter’s were born.

Please, please put the masks on! Going to bleach my eyes.

It goes on and on. She had no supporters. It’s time for her to go away.

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