NYPD officer arrested as a spy for Communist China


Baimadajie Angwang, 33, a naturalized US citizen born in China’s Tibet region, fed intelligence about other ethnic Tibetians in New York to the Chinese consulate in the city, according to the criminal complaint.

Angwang works in Queens and lives in Nassau County, New York. He was charged with acting as an agent for China, committing wire fraud, making false statements, and obstructing an official proceeding.

He also allegedly helped Chinese consulate officials gain access to senior NYPD officials.

In addition, he works as a civil affairs specialist in the Army Reserve hold the rank of Staff Sergeant and stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. He plans, trains, and executes civil-military programs. And he holds a ‘secret’ level security clearance.

And here he is a spy for China.

In a 2018 phone call to the ‘Boss’ at the consulate, he identified himself as an “asset” for Beijing, saying that “even if they deny you in the end for whatever reason, but at least let them know, hey, you have someone in the police department here now.” That’s according to court records.

He called and texted his boss at least 55 times from June 2018 until March of this year.

When the ‘boss’ complimented him on a promotion, he said he was studying for a promotional exam “for the people back home.” The ‘boss’ told him a lot of people were looking at him.

Angwang told the ‘boss’ about upcoming NYPD events to “rais our country’s soft power.”

Dermot Shea, the NYPD Police Commissioner, said he worked closely with the FBI counterintelligence division during the investigation.

Now the FBI needs to nab Dianne Feinstein.

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prester khan
prester khan
3 years ago

As a reservist, he is also subject to the UCMJ. If his spying activities included his military duties, he can be court martialed as well for those offenses.