Listen to Rep. Adam Schiff Lie [Video]


Listen to Rep. Adam ‘pencil neck’ Schiff utter a bald-faced lie. He gave a speech Monday after the announcement that Republicans voted to release the FISA Abuse memo. He said it was “sad” and “tragic” as his fellow Democrats on the committee stood beside him nodding in agreement. All he asked, he said, was that Republicans release the counter memo but the Republicans wouldn’t do it.

What he left out is that he wouldn’t let Republicans read it first.

The entire media is lying. AOL is calling the memo the anti-Trump bias memo. It’s not about Trump, it’s about illicit spying.

The latest leak is that McCabe was fired after the Inspector General informed him of new developments.

Former FBI Director Comey chimed in. We agree and wish them all well in SingSing or Leavenworth, wherever they put you guys.

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