Listen to Roy Moore Tell Hannity, “It Never Happened”


Sean Hannity was lambasted by the media Friday over how he handled a discussion of the Roy Moore allegations.

Sean Hannity appeared to say on his radio show that he believed Senate candidate Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl was “consensual.” Hannity tweeted, “I apologize when I misspoke and was not totally clear earlier today” before blaming the “lazy media” for taking his words out of context.

On his Fox show, Hannity said that when he used the word “consensual” during a conversation about Moore on his radio show, he was talking about the 17- and 18-year-old girls, not the one who was 14. He went on to say that he doesn’t “rush to judgement,” unlike his “bratty friends in the media that are overpaid and lazy like fake Jake Tapper,” who called Hannity out on Twitter earlier in the night by saying 14-year-olds cannot legally consent.

Jake Tapper deleted his critical tweets because he said he would take Sean Hannity “at his word” that he was not defending illegal behavior by Moore.

Hannity misspoke in one sentence. He was talking about the 18-year old. I know what he meant. To me, it was obvious he meant girls 17 or 18.

The accusation by the 14-year old in 1979 is particularly repugnant but Judge Moore has aggressively denied the allegations. However, the attacks against Moore over the last several months have been especially vile prior to this.

The Republican Senate Committee has cut off the funding to Moore’s campaign. They never wanted him. They see him as rigidly conservative. Mitch McConnell spent tens of millions of dollars to get his candidate, Luther Strange, nominated during the Primary.

Judge Moore, the Alabama Republican candidate for the Senate is up for election next month on December 12th. His opponent is a Progressive.

If Moore is telling the truth, this is a terrible attack. If the women are telling the truth, Moore has got to go.

How does he argue or defend against a claim of 38 years ago?

Alabama State Senator Ed Henry said these women should be prosecuted for making claims like this after nearly 40 years.

“If they believe this man is predatory, they are guilty of allowing him to exist for 40 years,” Henry told The Cullman Times in a Friday report. “I think someone should prosecute and go after them. You can’t be a victim 40 years later, in my opinion.”

Prosecutors can’t go after these girls for these statements though some might feel he has a point.

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