Little Potbelly Kim Is Actually a Fun Guy Who Jokes About Himself


The little potbelly dictator Kim Jong-un is actually more than just a ruthless, murderous tyrannical thug. He’s a fun guy who likes to joke about himself while drinking. That’s the word from the South Korean delegation. [After he sobers up, he probably has the dogs eat you.]

That’s the news coming from the South Koreans who dined with him. He did go to school in Switzerland for two years. Maybe some of it rubbed off although thinking he is redeemable is likely a pipe dream.

Trace Gallagher reported that “It just seems there has been a drastic change in this man in just a very short time.”

The only changes are the sanctions which are bankrupting his already miserable economy. If he can’t feed the beasts at the top of the Communist food chain, he could be toppled. By the end of the year, he won’t be able to pay the lenders.

His tyranny is temporarily interrupted because he doesn’t have any money. Hopefully, that’s enough to force him to disarm.

Gallagher is shocked by Kim’s sudden turnaround: “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Why not go with the insanity of it all and appoint Dennis Rodman as ambassador to North Korea?

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