Live: Protests “Break Out” in Dallas as Police Guard a Confederate Statue


There is an allegedly impromptu protest against a Confederate monument at Pioneer Cemetery in downtown Dallas Texas. It looks like it has the potential to be dangerous. State troopers were called in and police helicopters fly overhead.

We had better hope there is a silent majority out there that can still deal with reality or we will eventually end up like Venezuela. The leftists seem to have a lot of the college students in their control.

Isn’t it odd that when former president Obama was in office, there were no riots over statues?

Consider this, Obama has a “war room” according to former Bill Clinton aide, Dick Morris. We know he does, just blocks from the White House. We also know that Obama encouraged violent uprisings in the streets in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are raising money to fund protesters going out into the streets, by their own words. Loretta Lynch called for blood in the streets. Could there be a connection between the sudden desire to tear down statues and the former president?

When do the book burnings begin?

It is being shot live by RightSide Broadcasting as police guard a confederate statue.

You can tell they are the usual Antifa and Black Lives Matter hate groups. They are screaming, “our streets”, a common refrain.  They are cursing and yelling about so-called white supremacy and hate as they spew hate. There are about 2500 of these “protesters”.

These groups are domestic terrorists.

Someone just said both sides hate Jews. That is frightening.

The same YouTube network videotaped in Boston earlier Saturday.

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