Living with the Terrorists of Gaza


Joe Truzman, investigative journalist of Long War Journal, said that Israel isn’t just fighting Hamas. They are up against twelve armed groups. He added that the Gaza Health Ministry reports death tolls of 10,000; they haven’t distinguished between civilians and militants [terrorists]. What the IDF is finding is astonishing – it’s proof civilians are routinely used as human shields. There is no peace in Gaza. They live in a perpetual state of war, and misery.

The IDF will soon move into Gaza City and hand-to-hand combat, which Hamas is well-prepared for.

“We’re closing in on them,” said Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, an Israeli military spokesman. “We’ve completed our encirclement, separating Hamas strongholds in the north from the south.”

Gaza is surrounded.

Some 1.5 million Palestinians, or around 70% of Gaza’s population, have fled their homes since the war began. Food, medicine, fuel, and water are running low, and United Nations-run schools-turned-shelters are beyond capacity, with many evacuees sleeping on the streets outside, the LA Times reports.

The IDF has separated North Gaza from the south, isolating the terrorists.

As Israel methodically moves into Gaza, neutralizing the enemy and taking out tunnels, they are finding some stunning locations of weapons. The terrorists spend all those millions of dollars they get on weapons while their civilians are impoverished.

The IDF found rocket launchers inside a youth movement building that children frequented.

The terrorists rigged rockets to fire multiple rockets at one time.

They also hide rocket launchers in the ground.

There is no peace or calm if you live in a country run by terrorists.

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