Liz Cheney’s Democrat Voters Can’t Make Her a Winner


There is a lot of speculation that Rep. Liz Cheney can win the primary with Democrat voters but that may not cut it. The math doesn’t work.

Cheney raised $7.2 million to Hageman’s $745,000 and she can do a lot of damage to her with that. But it might not do her any good since the closest competitor is Sen. Anthony Bouchard whose fundraising dried up after it was discovered that he impregnated a 14-year-old girl when he was 18 years of age.

Wyoming is an open primary state that allows people of any party to vote in any party’s primary. There has been speculation that Democrats could get her the nomination since Republicans are inclined not to do so.

The progressives in Wyoming have been trying to get their voters to put in for Cheney in the primary.

Liz Cheney, establishment whore.

Five-Thirty-Eight did the math and it doesn’t work. The only possible way she could win is with a substantial number of Republicans. As of now, she doesn’t have it.

For the Democrat primary voters switching sides to count, she would need a substantial number of Republicans. Most primary voters in Wyoming are Republicans or leaning Republican.

It’s not clear why even Democrats would vote for a turncoat.

She has pursued a Nancy Pelosi agenda and rattled off her talking points, even as it hurts her own party. Democrats might see that as honorable.

However, Cheney appears to many to do it to hurt the conservatives in her party even as she claims she’s a conservative. While she portrays herself as protecting the Constitution, she is trampling the rights of Republicans called before the panel of Trump haters to make a case that doesn’t appear to exist. It’s not honorable.

Her polling is in the low twenties, far behind her competitor. If she loses, she can always get a deal on some hate network like MSNBC or CNN.

Some Democrats will switch votes for Liz Cheney:

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11 months ago

Democrats and RINOs will steal as many races as they can. Their lives depend on it.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

I agree, she is in the low twenties and that is as high as she gets with republicans. Those are the die hard never Trumpers and the uninformed. Democrats hate the Cheney name. Her strategy is to campaign hard for democrat votes. If she wins the primary she loses in November. She continues to dig her hole deeper. Her destructive path cannot be due to a genuine concern for the nation. I still see it as a tantrum over her failed power move. Unless her dad is senile, I doubt he is telling her to go as far as she has, since it ends her career and chance for higher office.

She is so irrational that I suspect she would run for president in 2024 to pull away the never Trump votes and help the democrat. Her idea that Trump is some evil villain and she is the princess to rescue us is childish.

david wheeler
david wheeler
11 months ago

Bwaa Haa HAAAAAAA! “It’s not clear why Democrats would vote for a turn-coat”. Ha HA HAAAAA!
Ever hear the old saying, “the END justifies the MEANS!”?
Well the socialistDems live by that motto!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
11 months ago

Why are open primaries allowed, anywhere? That’s like letting Prodestants, Jews, Muslims, etc. have a say in choosing the candidates for Pope. And, no, denying non affiliated voters the ability to vote in a political party’s primary is not a violation of their right to vote. If they want to vote in a primary they should get off their sanctimonious high horse and affiliate themselves with that party.