Pro-Abortion Terrorists Bomb Another Pro-Life Center


Over the weekend, pro-abortion terrorists fire-bombed a pregnancy center in Gresham, Ore., that offers maternal care and information to expecting mothers.

Authorities believe that an incendiary device was hurled through the window, lighting a fire that wrecked only one room in the facility because the alarm system promptly alerted fire personnel and police, Pregnancy Resource Center CEO Luke Cirillo said.

“There was extensive damage and additional water and smoke damage in other parts of the building. Nobody was hurt,” Cirillo said in a press release, according to National Review.

The Gresham clinic didn’t make news although this is becoming a pattern by Democrat-endorsed revolutionaries.

“This weekend, pro-abortion activists firebombed a pregnancy center in Gresham, OR, which provided material help for mothers & children. Imagine if this had been an abortion clinic. It would be headlines news. But because it’s a pro-life center, media & the Biden admin ignored it,” pro-life activist Lila Rose Tweeted.

This latest incident by pro-abortion terrorists follows a litany of violent threats, vandalism, arsons, and even an assignation attempt aimed at pro-life groups or individuals.

The first image is the second pro-life pregnancy center in the state to be targeted for arson since the Supreme Court opinion was leaked.

“The center in the area of Gresham, Oregon, was firebombed in the early morning hours of June 11, making this the fourth known arson committed against pro-life organizations since the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case indicated a potential overturn of Roe v. Wade,” according to Live Action.

Actually, reporter Andy Ngo found a lot more attacks. You can go through his Twitter thread to see what I mean.

The Center near Gresham, Oregon was damaged in a fire on June 11 believed to be started by an explosive device. The fire is being investigated by local police, FBI & ATF. Portland #Antifa posted addresses & called for attacks.

Pro-life clinic near Gresham, Oregon

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