Look at What OMao-Cortez Calls an Embarrassment


President Trump recognized a Holocaust survivor, war heroes who fought against Nazis, victims of illegal alien criminals, a child with cancer, a bullied little boy, felons who reformed, and the law enforcement officer that stopped the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and took seven bullets. Alexandria O-Cortez must have missed all that.

She missed the President’s plea to hold life sacred and to protect the late-term unborn and the born alive. This isn’t coat hanger days people.

When the President pleaded for border security to hold back crime and human trafficking, where was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

What doesn’t she get about “state of the union” being about the state of the union? It’s not a Socialist planning meeting as she seems to think.

When the President talked about the great economy that has helped minorities and provided them with the best unemployment numbers in our history, was Cortez on her phone?

Alexandria OMao-Cortez called the State of the Union an “embarrassment.” Isn’t she the caring one! She totally missed the point, and has no heart.



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4 years ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a spoiled child without a clue. She is the product of the entitlement generation who believes everything should be given to them because they want it. Earning your way is not an option to those like her so she appeals to the parasites in our society. I just wonder who they believe will carry the load if they ever get their way. Her socialist dream for the US would be a nightmare for those who believe in freedom and liberty and just plain having enough to eat because we would become either something like Venezuela or more likely a Soviet bloc country where nobody has enough of basic needs including enough to eat except the government elite. History proves those of us against socialism to be right. Look no further than socialist Bernie Sanders multiple mansions for proof.

4 years ago

“We’re flying without a pilot.” ~ AOC

There will be nobody flying if her “Green New Deal” ever gets passed.

Instead of white, she should have worn the commie red–DSA–color.

4 years ago

Alexandria O-Cortez is not the future of the dem party, she is an un-educated idiot, I watch MSNBC/CNN and they have yet to put this clown on, they know she is a clown and not helping their party.