Look Who’s Backing the Worldwide Fact-Checking for Fake News…Wait for It…Wait…George Soros


Poynter Institute, the bastion of elitist journalism, announced yesterday, that an International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) launched in 2015, has been expanded with Soros money. Thanks to a $1.3 million in grant funding from the Omidyar Network and the Open Society Foundations, the IFCN can now expand its work.

As if Google and Facebook fact-checking Republicans out of existence isn’t enough. We should mention here that Soros is backing fact-checking at Facebook also.

The IFCN has their standards which they demand of all bloggers [on the right no doubt]:

  • A code of principles that encourages fact-checkers to uphold high standards of transparency in their work (Facebook uses this code as a filter for third-party fact-checkers on its platform).
  • The first International Fact-Checking Day, which offered a lesson plan that reached tens of thousands of students internationally.
  • Fellowships that help fact-checkers collaborate and learn from each other.

Fact checkers from around the world will meet in Madrid soon to work on their plans.

They’re hiring a programmer for all those algorithms that obliterate sites, pages and comments with which they disagree.

You just have to know if Soros is involved, it won’t be good. He thinks he’s a god, by his own words, and he’s very, very far-left.

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6 years ago

Snopes is also a paid captive of Soros.Thank God nature will soon rid the world of this sociopath.