Loony Dem Signs, Chants Won’t Win Back Catholic & Blue Collar Voters


Can anyone point to a single renowned “moderate” spokesperson in today’s Democrat Party? Has there been one truly prominent member of that crew that can erase from our public minds the incoherent, coarse, ridiculous ramblings of say….Maxine Waters?

The answer is “No.” Not when you realize well over half the coverage of high profile Dems and their events exposes them as either bitter, destructive, deranged, or all of the above.

That there has apparently been no serious introspection regarding both this past November’s loss, and the 1,000 seats lost since 2010, becomes more clear with each ensuing unhinged interview, demonstration, or riot. Meanwhile trapped in this desperate frenzy, Dems continue to ignore perhaps the most obvious cause of their historic defeats.

President Trump won because he moved a large percentage of Catholic and Blue Collar Workers into the Republican camp. From the former, Trump got a swing of +9% over Obama’s 2014 numbers. Regarding the latter, it’s estimated he swung about 10% the GOP way.

If you need proof the Democrats remain willfully oblivious to these facts, just check out their signage and chanting. Then ask if any of that can win back what was, up until 2016, two of their core constituencies.

Will Catholics be wooed by pink pussy hats, foul mouthed women dressed as vaginas, or calls for unfettered access to even partial birth abortion? And what might earnest working class men and women find encouraging from protesters deliriously demeaning the fellow for whom many of them voted, and who has recently gotten excellent reviews from heads of their private sector unions?

women’s pussy march

Put yourself in the shoes of typical lay Catholics who’ve seen Little Sisters of the Poor sued, and their religion mocked by Democrat party leaders. Then slip into the work boots of American coal miners, steel workers, truck drivers, laborers, heavy machine operators, carpenters, plumbers, auto workers, machinists, electricians, ect.; with the understanding many of them have seen their earning opportunities sabotaged by Democrat inspired, job killing regulations.

Then the next time you’re exposed to a series of lefty, loony, Dem signs, and or chants, ask, “Why in the hell would Catholic or working class voters, who just bolted the party, come racing back?”.

How does this win back the Catholics and working men?

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