Looters Murder Ret Police Officer Guarding News Crew in Lawless Cali


News crew bodyguard Kevin Nishita has died after being shot by an armed robber while covering a theft story. The ex-police officer was guarding the KRON4 crew last week in Oakland when someone tried to steal their camera gear. He tried to stop them but was shot in the lower abdomen.

One of 12 masked thieves at the Prome 356 store tried to snatch the camera from the reporters when Nishita jumped in and got shot.

KRON4, its parent company, Nishita’s employer, and the Oakland Police Department are offering a $32,500 reward for information on the suspects.

The TV station mourned the guard, a father of two and grandfather of three.

It is the latest in a saga of organized robbery rampaging across California

Will Tran, a KRON4 anchor, said the station was heartbroken to learn about Nishita’s death. He had worked alongside reporters for many years.

“My heart is broken. I’m scared for me. I’m scared for my colleagues. Friends from all stations are talking to each other – our own support group. And then woke up to heartbreak. He was my friend. He was our friend and now he is gone,” Tran tweeted.

How many people have to die before California follows laws and arrests looters?

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

and democrats want to reduce or get rid of bail so that those barbarians can loot and murder even more

voting democrat is a sign of insanity

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

More like a sign of “brain death”…

1 year ago

It is time to shoot to kill those looters and rioters. China Joe will not enforce the law. bigger guns and more of them and kill the rotten BASTARDS…..DOJ & FBI do not exist anymore. When you kill them leave nothing but what a firehose can wash down. Semper Fi