Lou Dobbs Discusses Corrupt FBI, DoJ Who Can’t Seem to Solve a Case


Fusion GPS, the opposition research company hired by Democrats and neverTrumpers to gather dirt on Donald Trump is not complying with congressional subpoenas. They will get away with it if past is prologue.

There are thirty documents related to the Bill Clinton–Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting where those two went to a lot of trouble to discuss their grandchildren and golf game. It defies credulity.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been trying to secure the documents through FOIA but the FBI just keeps lying.

As Mr. Fitton said, “I think we caught them, we caught them red-handed, and now they’ve had to fess up to the documents.”

Dobbs added, “This sort of tell you what the problem is. The American people have a government that is corrupt. The American people have a government, and it’s not necessarily because someone takes money, although I’m sure there’s lots of that, but is so politicized it’s politically corrupt and ideologically corrupt.”

Dobbs asked Fitton when he might get those pages and will they be redacted?

“Well, that’s the big question,” Fitton responded. “The government says they need up until November 30th to turn the documents over to us.”

The Feds needs until November 30th to go through 30 pages!!!

That outraged Lou Dobbs. “Thirty pages, they can’t read thirty pages in less than a month and a half.”

Dobbs continued: “The idea they didn’t know they had documents just strains credulity. And this is why Wray and Jeff Sessions, to the degree he’s not recused, because he may be recused from this, I don’t know, Rod Rosenstein, whoever the responsible official is needs to take a look at this.”

“This is a fundamental question,” Fitton said, “of whether we can trust our nation’s law enforcement agency, the FBI and the Justice Department, not to break the law and not to be dishonest.  We’re in the middle of a court case here and they tell us they don’t have documents.”

Fitton asks, “You know, what are we supposed to do, go to the court every time saying the FBI is lying? We’ve got to rely on the FBI and the Justice Department to tell us the truth from time to time.”

Dobbs asks, “I can’t think of a major scandal that has been resolved by the investigation of the FBI, can you Tom?”

“I’m talking about going back to Fast and Furious, you name it, they never reach a conclusion. Benghazi, they never reach a conclusion, there’s never a report, this is something rancid and wrong at Justice.”

Fitton adds the IRS scandals to the list of unresolved claims and says, “Especially when the Justice Department or the FBI are implicated in the scandals, you’re never going to get the truth or it’s going to be difficult to do so.

Fitton gave the example of the Comey memos. “Just last week we’re asking for the Comey memos, we sued for the Comey memos that he supposedly wrote. The Justice Department came in and said  we can’t have one of them, any of it, because it would interfere with Mueller’s investigation.”

“So now this Justice Department is working with Mueller to keep information that Comey leaked to the New York Times away from the American people, unbelievable.”

Comey drafted his letter exonerating Hillary Clinton two months before he cleared her and before he conducted key interviews. If that doesn’t smack of corruption, what does?

Dobbs wants to know where the Republican leadership is.

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