Luis Gutierrez to Retire to “Rebuild” Puerto Rico


Good news for Congress, communist Luis Gutierrez is retiring in 2019  and, interestingly, it is on the heels of congressional exposés. The bad news is he is going to turn Puerto Rico into a leftist hellhole. His anointed successor is bad news also.

The congressional revelations have included the misuse of funds as in the case of John Conyers and Rep. Raul Grijalva.

Gutierrez is known for having used funds to enrich his family and right now, Congress is being looked at more closely than it ever has been before. Under every rock is another misuse of funds. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be scrutinized too closely?

The open borders, anti-American congressman claims he wants to help rebuild Puerto Rico after they have suffered through two devastating hurricanes.

He said he doesn’t want to be the governor as has been rumored.

Would he accept being recruited for the governorship or does he want to work as a subversive like he does in the States?

A lot of money is flowing into the territory and the thought of this hardcore left-winger having any control over it is very worrisome.

This clown is going to run the territory into the ground. His family will likely benefit. They always have.

Using the usual humanitarian spiel leftists love as cover for their takeovers, Gutierrez said, “I cannot be here in the 4th congressional district and be rebuilding the home of my mom and my dad, the place that I love so much — and I’m gonna work really hard until she’s completely built to 21st century standards, but I can’t do them both.”

Gutierrez said he’s “going to leave Congress at the end of my term in 2019, but I’m not retiring. I’m not giving up on the fight for equality for Latinos, women…and the whole range of progressive issues I’ve been fighting for.”

Oh, sure, that’s believable to those of us who know you Luis.

When has he done anything that wasn’t self-serving and ideologically-driven? Will he open their borders? Probably. He’ll certainly align himself with the mayor of San Juan and the other corrupt politicians.

Gutierrez has been a supporter of Puerto Rican independence. Who knows if he’ll join that movement.

It won’t get better in Congress with him gone. His anointed successor is Cook County Commissioner and communist Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

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