Lunatics Prepare for Street Battles If Trump Fires Mueller


The crazies on the left have been flipping out this weekend because the media has been firing them up over rumors, probably started by them, that President Donald Trump might fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The only ones saying this are the media. The President and others in the White House as well as the President’s lawyer Ty Cobb have denied any plans to send him packing.

The left says the White House is churning up the attacks on the “beyond reproach” Robert Mueller. There is a reason for that.

In the past week, all manner of abuse and corruption focused on hurting the administration have been exposed but the media has minimized it or not reported it.

One of the people going off the beam is anti-Trumper and certifiable Walter Shaub, Obama’s director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

His Twitter page is one long paranoid, hate rant against the administration.

The Obama ethics chieftain never called out Obama for his many lies and constitutional violations. The guy has issues.

Shaub’s planning for riots by Obama-Soros-Clinton minions.

“This weekend I’m stocking up on portable phone chargers, warm clothes, & gear needed for when we take the streets. I’m concerned the assault on the rule of law is coming over the holidays when we’re distracted. It‘ll be a defining moment for the Republic,” he tweeted.

The man is looking forward to it and seems clueless as to who the real threats are. All the other loons are chiming in on his page.

He’s also called for…this won’t surprise you…impeachment…if he fires Mueller.

These attacks against Trump are also attacks against everyone who supports the President. They are aimed at traditional America.

Shaub also promoted a “rapid response protest” sponsored by the George Soros-Hillary Clinton hard-left activist group They will have minions all on the ready to pour into the streets with Molotov cocktails, pussy hats and signs with Trump-Putin love, if Mueller is removed from office.

Mueller doesn’t even have cause to run this investigation and Sessions’ and Rosenstein’s paralysis in allowing this fiasco to continue is mind-boggling.

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Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

I am looking forward sadly to the date when the stupid stirred up leftists meet the 2nd Marine Division.
This guy, Shaub is only a shill for osama Obama, who is determined to bring down this country because his King’s Crown was to him “stolen”.
I hope Shaub gets the first 7.62 bullet