Macron Is Thinking About Seizing Dictatorial Powers for a While


From calling for the odd decision to dissolve the National Assembly to seizing dictatorial powers for two months or longer, it looks like Macron is floundering.

As Jonathan Miller at The Spectator says, his party will probably come in third behind “the rightish Rassemblement National and the ultra-leftist New Popular Front, a coalition of trots, Antifa activists, and loopy greens.”

Sounds great.

He is looking at complete chaos with unprecedented security issues with the Olympics on July 26.

Macron has one more card to play, Article 16. It would allow him to rule with dictatorial powers for two months, and it can be extended indefinitely.

Miller’s favorite constitutional law professor, Catherine Rouvier, told him that Macron could unilaterally seize power in the circumstances calling into question the integrity of the territory [insurrection] or the interruption of the regular functioning of the public authorities.

This article in the Constitution states:

If the institutions of the Republic, the Nation’s independence, its territorial integrity or the respect of its international engagements are gravely threatened, and the normal functioning of constitutional authorities is interrupted, the President of the Republic takes the measures demanded by these circumstances, officially consulting the prime minister, the speakers of houses of parliament and the Constitutional Council. He informs the Nation in a message.

Responding to the news, the Leader of the French Partiot Party, Florian Philippot, said Macron’s threat is very real. Writing on X, the opposition leader said, “This man is crazy; he is capable of anything! What is the opposition waiting for? We need to dismiss him before it is too late!”

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