Jamaal Bowman’s Dissertation Includes Plagiarized Passages


Squad member Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who says he is a socialist Democrat, set off a fire alarm to interfere with a congressional vote. Democrats wouldn’t punish him for it, but the voters might next week.

He is now accused of multiple instances of apparent plagiarism in the dissertation that earned him an Ed.D.

As a Marxist, he pushed the victimization of blacks to get his degree. His dissertation claimed, “Black, Latinx, and poor White children have been historically oppressed throughout American history.”


According to The Daily Wire analysis, Bowman’s primary academic work — his 2019 dissertation, “Community Schools: The Perceptions and Practices that Foster Broad-Based Collaboration among Leaders with the Community School Ecosystem” — is riddled with basic errors, failures of logic, and multiple instances of plagiarism. 

Bowman interviewed 13 school administrators, activists, and parents. They were put in a demographic box and assigned oppressor and oppressed. From there, he argued for community schools.

Bowman’s community schools model holds that the government, not parents, is responsible for children’s success. Bowman quotes one school official saying, “Families don’t have any deficits. If a mother is collecting welfare, so what?”

Then there is his plagiarism.

This is one example of his plagiarism:

In one passage, Bowman explains critical race theory, one of his theoretical methods, by copying from another author’s summary of the 2001 book Critical Race Theory: An Introduction. He takes the passages from R. Rolon-Dow without quotation marks, as required by academic authors. In the copied passage, Bowman merely substitutes “Latino/Latina” with “Latinx/Latina,” following the latest academic fashion, although it appears that he misunderstood the purpose of the “x” noun ending, which is to remove gendered language like “Latina.” He also inserts a typo by changing “the intersection between race/ethnicity and caring” to “the intersection between race/ethnicity caring.”

You can read the rest at The Daily Wire.

He’s dishonest, and he wants to convince Black people they are victims. How does that help anyone? He will likely lose his next election, and we will be better for it.

Bowman, 48, is facing off against Westchester County Executive George Latimer, 70, in the June 25 Democratic primary for New York’s 16th Congressional District.

A recent Emerson College/WPIX poll showed Bowman trailing Latimer by 17 points — 48% to 31% — among likely primary voters, with 21% undecided.


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