Maine Sanctuary Bill Makes Child Gender Surgeries a “Legal Right”


Maine is looking to pass a bill to legalize sanctuary state status for gender transition surgeries for children. Any adult can kidnap the child.

This is at a time when the UK finally realized this barbaric practice has to be stopped. If your gut tells you this is child abuse, it is. Children are too young to make this decision.

Janet Mills, Crazy Leftist

The Maine bill would shield healthcare providers and other individuals, such as parents, in the state from out-of-state legal action for providing or obtaining abortions and child sex changes in the state.

A letter was sent to Maine Governor Janet Mills, Attorney General Aaron Frey, Senate President Troy Jackson, and House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross by the attorneys general from Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

We have to stop bowing to the LGBT mafia. They’re crazy. The bill allows any adult to kidnap a child from another state and mutilate the child. Maine will not reunite the child with parents. It will make transitioning a child with surgery and drugs a “legal right.”

It doesn’t matter if the kidnapper is a lunatic, a criminal, evil, and not a guardian.

This must go to the Supreme Court while we have some power, but it has to be stopped now. SCOTUS works too slowly.


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