Just Another Day at the White House! Man Drives Up to WH Checkpoint Claiming to Have a Bomb


A man is in custody after allegedly driving up to a White House checkpoint and claiming he had a bomb in his car, CNN is reporting. There was no bomb found, reporter Ryan Nobles reported early this morning, adding it took about four hours to open the roads.

The First Family is in Florida.

When the man drove up to the checkpoint, the Secret Service Uniform Division stopped him, labelling his car suspicious.

A statement from the Secret Service confirmed that an individual drove his vehicle to the checkpoint at 11:05 p.m. After contact with uniformed agents, the Secret Service detained the individual and “declared his vehicle suspicious.”

Nobles reported on Twitter, “We just saw a bomb squad member dressed in full gear (like the Hurt Locker) pulling things out of the trunk and inspecting them.”

He also tweeted, around 2 a.m. EST, “It appears that the car is still running and in the same spot it was when the incident began almost three hours ago.”

A robot inspected the trunk in this photo.

There is no other information yet other than there is a criminal investigation.

Earlier in the day, a man jumped the bike rack near the White House, apparently trying to breach security.

The man, who never made it to the White House fence, was carrying a document he wanted to deliver to the White House and did not have a weapon, a law enforcement official said.

Earlier this month, Jonathan Tran roamed around the White House grounds for 17 minutes before he was spotted. Mr. Tran was under stress after losing his job and wanted to talk to the President. He was released to his home in California on his own recognizance with an ankle monitor until a trial at a future date.

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