Man with Feet on Pelosi’s Desk Offered 70-87 Months in Prison


The 61-year old man who on January 6th put his feet up on Speaker Pelosi’s desk, and took a meaningless letter he gave back to the FBI on his first meeting with them, was offered 6 or 7 years in a federal pen.

Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett would spend up to 87 months in prison under a plea agreement while Democrats release hardened criminals from prison or refuse to put them in jail.

Barnett is facing charges of knowingly entering and remaining in a restricted building while armed with a dangerous weapon, violent entry, disorderly conduct, and theft of public money, property, or records.

His attorney, Josephy McBride called the offer “ridiculous” and will go to trial. McBride said the punishment doesn’t fit the crime and it is a criminalization of the First Amendment.

Mr. Barnett has no criminal record. The weapon he carried was a cane with a stun gun in it. The stun gun clearly didn’t work but Barnett was still using it as a cane. He was non-violent during the episode.

Watch Mr. Barnett explain. He said someone unlocked the doors and he didn’t enter violently:

Matthew Perna, 37, committed suicide.

Last week, Matthew Perna, 37, who was non-violent on J6, faced up to 51 months in prison. Rather than going to prison, he hung himself in his garage. Perna spent 20 minutes in the Capitol and was not accused of vandalism, violence, or engaging with police. The DoJ charged him with a felony obstruction charge.

As McBride said, this excessive punishing of petty crimes is a political strategy to blow up the alleged crimes.

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1 year ago

If he was a Murder in South Chicago he would probably get probation!

where the sausages are made
where the sausages are made
1 year ago

How dare this profane vandal penetrate the halls of the sacred mommygov with his kulak untermenschen scum self!
Only the sacred dot gov beings of the best bankster banana republic are allowed in those hallowed halls of governance.
No deplorable subhuman vermin has any business in these halls of the sacred.

1 year ago

And BLM and Antifa goons who destroyed and burned federal buildings with people still inside were bailed out by Kamala Harris snd other prominent Democrats, never facing any charges. Justice is blind, indeed it is.